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Why Gauge Overvalued Real Estate Markets

Envvy Analytics has developed a proprietary enhanced valuation metric that boasted the highest predictive power post 2007-08 downturn in U.S. real estate. Metric accounts for income, population and housing supply deviations, and has been calibrated to work especially well at the county level.

Valuation metrics, notably price/earnings (P/E) ratios, are commonly used in finance by fund managers and other market participants to gauge relative market overvalued-ness. A study by John P. Hussman revealed correlations of valuation metrics beyond  P/E ratios, to actual subsequent stock market total returns.

If you are investing in real estate in 2021 and are uncertain if your market is overvalued, you are missing out. The most overvalued U.S. states in 2007-08 dropped upwards of 40% from peak vs. median 4% drop for undervalued states.

about our founder

Stefan Tsvetkov

Stefan Tsvetkov is a financial engineer (Columbia MSFE) and real estate investor. 10 years experience managing $90+ billion derivatives portfolio jointly with colleagues. Multifamily investor across several strategies and real estate analytics expert, having published his own metrics in the field. Stefan has spoken as an expert on multiple Podcast and Webinar events including InvestUp, Best Ever Real Estate Show, Discovering Multifamily among others.

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